How To Build A Bunk Bed That Won’t Collapse

Are you thinking about building bunk beds for your family or friends? The task can be an intimidating initial thought, especially when the vision of a collapsed bunk bed comes to mind.

The truth is, most lofts aren’t as safe as they should be. Here’s an interesting fact for you…

Over 36,000 people are admitted to hospitals because of bunk bed related injuries. Most of these injures could have easily been prevented if a few simple steps were taken.

If you don’t want your bed to come crashing down in the middle of the night there are a few things you must do (I’ll get to the specifics in a minute).

But first, you must commit yourself to making something that will safely support the people that will be sleeping on it. If you know that heavier individuals will be using the beds you must be extra cautious when building your loft bed.

So here’s a few things you must consider before you set out and build your very own bed.

1.) Make sure you are using high quality, sturdy wood. Don’t use old, warped wood or wood that isn’t inherently strong. Selecting the wrong wood is one of the major reasons bunk beds collapse.

2.) Use proper hardware and construction techniques. A detailed bunk bed plan will give you the exact step by step instructions you need to create a safe bunk bed. Make sure to select a high quality “blueprint” for your bunk building expedition. If you don’t have experience with any type of construction, find someone that can help you with the process.

3.) Begin with an end in mind. Know how you want your bed to look before you begin. There are some great plans on the market that will give you several different designs, and complete step by step directions (some even have video!) to guide your project to completion, in the safest and most efficient way.

There are many other important things to consider before you build your lofted bed. If you’re at all worried about a bed collapsing then it is important that you get a complete education on the topic. Unlike many other pieces of furnitures, lofted beds are incredibly dangerous if not constructed properly.

Just remember over 36,000 people are admitted to the hospital every single year because of bunk bed related injuries. Most wouldn’t have happened if the DIY builder or manufacturer took the necessary time to build a sound piece of furniture.

Custom Bedroom Furniture Vs Customized – Knowing the Difference Can Save You Thousands

Looking for luxurious, custom wood bedroom furniture? Have you always dreamt of lingering over romantic breakfasts in bed, surrounded by a unique, custom bedroom furniture set that no one else in the world has or ever will have? Perhaps you’re longing for the warmth and richness of solid cherry or mahogany in the form of luxurious armoires, wardrobes and lingerie chests. You can bring the romance of bygone eras into your boudoir with exclusive, custom bedroom furniture that’s built especially for you and you need not spend a fortune doing it.

But how? If you’re willing to do a little homework, it’s easy and fun! Browse around in home decor magazines, online and most importantly, with the small local furniture makers in your locale, until you have a pretty good idea of what you’re looking for in terms of functionality, design, dimensions and price. Find a furniture maker who has already made bedroom furniture that is similar to what you have in mind and is willing to customize his or her designs for you.

Now, study the style, layout and dimensions of your bedroom. Decide which types of pieces will best fit with your vision, decor and budget. A massive solid wood, four poster bed or a slender pencil post bed with a canopy? Tall chests of drawers, wardrobes or armoires? Or a low horizontal dresser with a wall mirrors? Narrow lingerie chests? Full size, low-height or corner media centers? Functional chifforobes, gentleman’s chests or sweater chests? Blanket chests? Maybe a couple bedside night stands? Use newspapers to serve as exact-size footprints for your future custom furniture pieces and shift them around the floor of your bedroom until you’re satisfied with the layout.

Then it’s time to go back to your local custom furniture makers and see if they would be willing to customize their existing furniture designs to meet your bedroom furniture specifications. This is where the difference between the terms custom furniture and customized furniture becomes so critical. Custom furniture implies that the furniture maker is starting from scratch to design and build an entirely new creation just for you. Extraordinary, yes–but with an extraordinary budget to match.

Customized furniture means that the furniture maker already has a design and just needs to tweak it some to accommodate your needs or preferences. Here are some examples of minor customizations that might make your furniture, exclusively unique and functional, that could be done for little or no extra charge:

* Minor changes in width, depth, or height of a chest or dresser

* An additional drawer for a chest

* A different wood selection, for example cherry or maple or mahogany

* Customized door or drawer pulls and other hardware on an armoire

* A different stain or finish on the furniture

* Customized moldings on a chest of drawers

* A different leg style, for example a straight mission style leg instead of a tapered, shaker-style leg on a night stand

These are just a few of the myriad customizations that a furniture maker can do with his or her existing designs to adapt them to your style and needs. Most craftspeople are only too happy to discuss options and prices with you and they will work with existing designs to control your costs. The trick is to ask up front, for affordable customized wood furniture, rather than ultra-luxury (and ultra-expensive) custom wood furniture. Knowing the difference can save you thousands of dollars and make your furniture buying experience exciting and rewarding.