Design Your Four Poster Bed the Way You Want

By installing a four poster bed to your bedroom, you are actually installing a dramatic furniture piece that can really add a style and class to your bedroom. The unique feature of fourposter beds is that, they have tall end posts that extend between 6 to 8 feet above the bed’s frame. Though this bedroom furniture is stylish and attractive looking, you can also design your own four- poster bed.

And if you do not know, how to design your four- poster bed yourself, here is how we do it.

Choose the theme

The first and the foremost step in designing a four- poster bed are to determine the type of theme you want your bed design to have. There are many theme options available to choose from.

You can either opt to design a modern bed with simple lines or you can go for a Gothic style bed that is poised with spouts at the top of each post.

Design the overall dimension

After choosing the theme of your bed, the next step is to design the overall dimension of your four poster bed. Begin with the dimensions of the bed frame. The bed’s frame includes two long side boards, a foot board and a head board.

You can get the length dimensions of these pieces by looking at the dimension of a standard bed frame, which has been manufactured for your mattress size you want.

After this, you can design he height of these boards, by keeping the height somewhere between 4 to 8 inches. In the end, determine the dimensions of your four- posters.

For this you will be required to the width, the height as well as the depth of each of the four posters.

Plan a design

The next step is to design a plan for your posters. You can choose from a variety of designs like a cylinder shaped poster, a claw and foot poster design, a four- sided prism shaped poster or a traditional shaped poster.

At the same time, you can also decide whether you want your four- posters to be carved or leave it flat.

Choose a colour scheme

Now comes the most important part that is to select a colour scheme for your bed. Depending upon the other furniture and bedroom’s theme, you can select the colour you want, your bed to paint with.

You have an option to stain the wood or paint it with the most designer colours. If you want your bed to look natural, use clear polyurethane finish. Whereas in order to make the look of your bed dramatic, painting your bed with black lacquer is a marvellous option.

Pick the hardware

To finalise designing your bed, pick the hardware required for assembling. This hardware may contain washers, screws and frame brackets. If you don’t want to display these things, spray them with the matching paint.