Looking For a New Platform Bed?

If you’re one of the few yet to be swept up in the platform bed hysteria, consider yourself, well…unlucky. A new platform bed is an easy and affordable way to give your bedroom a new look while adding some contemporary style and Far East influence. These low-profile beds make an ideal centerpiece for a modern bedroom with their sleek, simple design and can save you money by not requiring a box spring.

Unless you’re going for a traditional or classic look in your bedroom, large, clunky furniture is out of the question. The contemporary bedroom is defined by understated pieces and sharp, geometric lines. Also out is a bedroom full of mismatched furniture, where one might have a natural finished bed with a mahogany dresser and cherry nightstands. A unified look is a hallmark trait of the modern bedroom, where every piece is part of a matched bedroom set with the same finish and hardware.

If you’re in the dark about what exactly a platform bed is, here’s a quick tutorial. A platform bed consists of a raised, flat, horizontal surface that can support a mattress without a box spring. In most platform beds, multiple slats of wood or metal running the width of the bed provide the support. Oftentimes, a thin, flat surface such as masonite or plywood sits on the slats and the mattress, in turn, rests on this surface. Pretty simple, huh? What this means for you (besides having a bed on the cutting edge of design) is that you save money by not having to purchase a bulky, cumbersome box spring to support your mattress.

The average platform bed is very low profile, giving it a European or perhaps an Asian aesthetic. This is one of the many perks of owning a platform bed, setting yourself and your bedroom decor apart from the millions of Americans with boring, old fashioned standard beds. Use your bedroom space to create a peaceful sanctuary where you can unwind with a book after a long day at work or sneak away for a much needed nap on a hectic weekend.