How to Find Perfect Infant Crib Bedding For Your Heirloom Cradle (And Make Sure It’s Safe)

You’re a lover of all things vintage. You pride yourself on thrift store finds. Not only this, but you get involved. You DIY. If a dress is the wrong size, you’ll sew a few seams, shorten the skirt. If a chair needs re-upholstering, you’re just the girl for the job.

Then along comes baby. Well, the promise of baby. The plus sign on that little stick.

Of course you visit your parents and pull down all your own baby gear from the attic. Oh, how sweet! you cry, over and over, sorting through tiny clothes and ragged stuffed animals.

And then–you gasp–there it is! The cradle. The one your grandfather carved by hand. Your father slept in it, you slept in it, and it’s been waiting here for some three decades, just waiting for you to retrieve it, line it with the perfect infant crib bedding, and rock it gently while you sing soft lullabyes to your own little darling.

The thing is, as soon as you discovered baby on board, you developed a new passion for all things CLEAN AND SAFE. You can scrub the cradle down, but is it…safe?

You slept in it, and you’re still here, so probably. But then again, you can remember a family road trip from Connecticut to California where you bopped around the trunk of the family Volvo, nary a seatbelt in sight. Thank the angels of the highway you survived just fine, but times have changed. With knowledge comes responsibility, or something like that.

Plus, the old sheets are mildewed, and that’s just not okay.

Okay, safety first.

How To Make Sure The Crib Your Grandfather Made Is Safe For Your Baby

1. How’s the base? Is it wide and solid? A wide and sturdy base allows you to rock the cradle without it tipping over.

2. If there are slats, how far apart are they? They should be no more than 2 3/8 inches apart.

3. Any rough spots or splinters? Exposed hardware? Your hand should be able to rub over every inch comfortably.

4. If there are any latches or locks, make sure they’re secure.

If you’re satisfied that grandpa’s handiwork passes the test, wonderful! If not, there are a number of gorgeous, old-style cribs on the market today. You might not run into them in your average baby furniture store, but there are excellent online sources with a wide variety to choose from.

Next stop, infant crib bedding.

1. It’s very important for the mattress to be a tight fit. There should be no room between the mattress and the cradle floor or walls. Measure your crib. You might find the right size mattress online. You might have to have one specially made. Or, DIY girl, maybe you can size one on your own.

2. Infant crib bedding is not the same as grown-up bedding. You need a mattress pad (to guard against leaky diapers!), a fitted sheet that can be secured snugly, and something to keep your baby warm. Babies can be hurt by a tangle of sheets or blankets, so you want bedding that can stay snug around baby–like swaddling blankets, or a sleeper that zips or fastens closed.

There are so many adorable infant bedding sets on the market. This is something you’ll want to buy new, most likely, rather than vintage. Look for super soft cottons. Our advice is to find organic cotton. Combined with the heirloom cradle, it’s the perfect blend of appreciating the past and being mindful of the future.

How Will Bed Bug Spray Help?

Bed bugs have made a fast comeback in many unsuspecting places. One of those places could be your home. When you have already discovered an infestation do not panic. There are many products available on the market to choose from. Most will be at your local hardware store.There are also many websites that have a vast array of products as well. First you will need to do a little pre treatment of your home before using any insecticides. You must move all furniture from the walls. You should leave enough space so you can get to the baseboards. Bag up all your clothing so you can prepare to dry every cloth item that you possibly can in your dryer. You will also need to go through your home and fill in any cracks or crevices.

Also, if your furniture comes apart take it apart and look for nests of these bugs. Vacuuming is also recommended, however a shop-vac will be simpler for this situation. The tiny larvae of it are clear and undetectable by the eye. You will need to thoroughly clean a vacuum after use. A shop-vac would be simpler to clean and are generally stronger than vacuum cleaner. There are many chemicals in insecticides that are just not safe for furniture or bedding. One home remedy for this is putting 91% Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol in a spray bottle and using that for beds and furniture. It does not smell very nice but it is safe. There is also the Sprayway Good Night Dust Mite and Bed Bug Spray that is for the killing all of them that’s on the mattresses, pillows, bed frames, box springs and surrounding carpets.

This spray will be in most hardware stores. Pyrethrins are an organic compound; the pyrethrins contained in the seed cases of the perennial plant pyrethrum are very effective. Pyrethrins affect the insects nerve cells causing them to die. Pyrethrins are found in many insecticides that are effective in killing all of them. This is an ingredient that in itself is not toxic. However, other ingredients in the spray could not be safe. Always read the labels and directions when choosing a bed bug spray. Temprid SC is another chemical spray that you may use to kill your bed bugs. Temprid SC is not for use on an area that you will be preparing food on, or on any bedding or furniture. You are able to use it under furniture and beds. Temprid SC is very strong follow instructions and mixing directions carefully.

There Are Many Options With Bed Bug Spray. The One Thing You Must Do Is Get Rid Of The Bed Bugs In Your Bed.

They have made such a drastic reappearance that you can walk into your local hardware store and get expert advice from any sales associate. You can even find your local pest supply store and get bed bug information from them as well. There are many agencies that are popping up now specifically to discuss bed bug issues that could prove useful to you as well. The life cycle of a bed bug from birth to adult hood is around 32-48 days. During the life cycle the bed bugs need to feed during every stage of life to survive. Also an adult female bed bug lays five eggs everyday. If you treat your home and think you are free and clear, think again.

If you miss just one bed bug in 35 days you could have 175 of them from just one that wasn’t seen or sprayed with the chemicals. When you have spotted bed bugs in your home, remember that there are many more you have not seen. Do not be fooled by the name of it because they can hide anywhere. They love to hide under the folds and in the corners of carpeted areas. So be sure to lift the carpet and spray under it. Anything that is near your bed could be harboring a bug too. They could be under your bed side lamp or even in book you read before bed. You must also spray every base board and crevice in your home. It is also a good idea to remove the light switch plates and give a little spray behind there as well. There is plenty of good bug killer around too. Look for areas in your home that have droplets of dark rusty looking spots.

You won’t notice these spots until you actually inspect areas of your home. Hallways are another place that you will need to spray well. Hallways are high traffic areas and bugs are known as hitch hikers and will ultimately end up in the most unsuspecting place in your home. Before you run out to buy any bed bug spray, do your research. The prices and selections vary from place to place. Often times you can buy in bulk for cheaper rates from the store website. You may even be able to pick it up and save on shipping. No matter what you decide, be sure to do your research and know what sprays are safe for furnishings and which or not. Once you have completely exterminated your home, do a follow-up treatment in a two weeks. Then continue to treat bed bug once a month for the next twelve months. If you still have bed bugs after this, you will need to call a professional.